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Build your Team without Boundaries

Find, assess, engage, and hire talent remotely with ease using JustValue.

  • Employer sign up.
  • Search for candidates directly by skills sets, Education and Location.
  • Post Jobs so that candidate can directly apply from JustValue.
  • Track your applicants using our Applicant Tracking System.


  • Candidate sign up.
  • Search job by entering their skill set and education.
  • Candidate can see job postings done by employers and apply directly.
  • Enroll for skill development to upgrade.

Performance Management System

Simple and flexible performance management system tailored for your business

  • Conduct Holistic Appraisals
  • Define & Assign KRA, KPI & Competencies
  • Define Goals & Review Cycle to suit your needs
  • Provide Quarterly Feedback to Teams & Employees
  • Assign Individual Initiatives to Employees
  • Performance-Based Appraisal Ratings for Increment

Human Resource Management System

Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, HRMS is a platform that integrates, manages, and automates many of the routine HR processes in an organization. It can perform various functions, including organizing and managing team member details and organizational information of a business, making it easily accessible.

ATS- Applicant Tracking System

Are you tired of jumping between spreadsheets, emails, and job boards? With our inbuilt ATS, you can track and manage all your applications in one place. It typically contains tasks such as storing applicant data, posting job openings to multiple job boards, and screening applications for potential matches to positions.

Connection and Service Data Hub

Solve your biggest small business problem by accessing a contact list of verified businesses & freelances. This is a gold mine of data for small & mid-level companies. You can access the information hub on two sides by sector & city wise.